Globalization has built a connected world and opened up frontiers for commerce & trade. However, this growth is coupled with challenges in supply chain management, capacity & demand management, freight planning, operational efficiency and technology adoption for Transportation & Logistics providers

Across land, sea and skies, waves of digital disruption are redefining Freight and Logistics. The global merchandise trade is expected to increase by 4 percent in 2019* but more fundamental changes, like industry consolidation, increased supply chain complexity and regulatory changes are reshaping the landscape.

The industry is facing increasing market volatility, with a 10-time rise in new entrants. Digital players are leveraging agile business models allowing carriers to work directly with customers, eliminating intermediaries.

Add in the changing customer expectations such as the need for 24/7 service, frictionless and additional services, and flexibility in supply chain, and the message is clear: The Freight and Logistics industry must transform fast to tackle competitive threats and capitalize on new opportunities.

Our team helps the Transportation and Logistics industry overcome these challenges with its robust digital and technology solutions. We deliver digital transformation and technology services for the Transportation & Logistics industry that includes our Transportation solutions - Air, Rail, Road or Shipping and Logistics clients all over the world. Through our deep domain expertise and technical capabilities in Digital, IoT, Logistic & Supply Chain, Infrastructure Transportation and Logistics Management, we touch every aspect of the transportation & logistics business delivering high value for its clients.