On the one hand, your utilities enterprise needs to maintain a smart grid network that provides reliable service. On the other, your consumers expect clean energy, customized service and cost-effective tariff plans. You need to strike a balance by navigating business challenges and opportunities

New business models and technologies are disrupting the energy and commodities industries. We are at the beginning of fundamental changes—how we create, store, trade and share energy and commodities is rapidly transforming, forcing companies to evolve across all aspects of their business. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a major role in the evolution of each of these areas. Organizations must embrace innovation to transform how they engage with customers and manage their business for success today and tomorrow.

Our world runs on utilities. That's why our utility consulting group helps companies, including electricity, gas and water, reinvent their businesses to accelerate performance and drive future value and growth.

Our team helps water, gas and power utilities adopt digital technology to address demand and supply-side dynamics. We empower enterprises with capabilities to improve service delivery, drive innovation, and thrive in the renewable energy landscape. Our digital ecosystem navigates business challenges, opportunities and risks.

We partner with utilities to leverage the convergence of information and operational technologies. Real-time data integration facilitates advanced analytics – from predictive maintenance of legacy infrastructure to predictive modeling for load management.